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Entrega de premios en TUSSAM

TUSSAM motivates its drivers thanks to Cated People app

The drivers of TUSSAM (Seville Bus operator) were awarded on October 23 for their good performance and results in the course of the league Zurich-ADN of June-July 2018. This is the result of the gamification actions carried out by ADN Mobile Solutions thanks to the app for professional drivers, Cated People, along with the rest of the tools and the follow-up of the BLED® team of expert trainers.

ADN and Zurich (insurance company of TUSSAM) have distributed € 5,000 in prizes divided between two leagues carried out in the operator in 2018. These leagues are pioneers in motivation through gamification for professional drivers of public transport at international level.

The awards ceremony took place at the TUSSAM facilities and the participating drivers received recognition from the TUSSAM management team and its managing director, D. Rubén García, as well as the ADN management and training staff.

The app for professional drivers Cated People is an innovative tool that is part of the BLED® services for efficient and safe driving that seeks, through gamification, to increase the efficiency and safety in driving, as well as act as a tool of internal corporate communication and interaction with the training team.

All this implies a reduction of emissions and maintenance costs of vehicles, as well as an increase in passenger comfort and safety, without forgetting the direct benefit for drivers who achieve a proven reduction in stress in their daily work.

The Cated People app is being tested in other operators, such as the ALSA operation in Avilés (CTEA), EMTUSA Huelva, EMT Valencia and TITSA Tenerife

TUSSAM has achieved a reduction of 11% in accidents with responsibility and a 7.5% reduction in average consumption. In relation to consumption, according to the data recorded in this last year, the company has saved around 739,000 liters of diesel and 3,400,000 kWh of compressed natural gas, figures of great relevance for an operator of this size. The BLED® service, in operation at TUSSAM since the end of 2016, involves all of its 1200 drivers, middle managers and 400 buses.

Entrega de premios y cartel de la liga