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Smart City projects

Cated Box technology for projects in smart cities

LabCityCar is the application of Cated Box which enables public and private fleets of vehicles to provide new indicators of quality of air and mobility while saving fuel and educating drivers. The concepts LabCityCar are in line with the Smart City plans of major cities both nationally and internationally.

LabCityCar was an ambitious project of sustainable mobility in the city of Gijón, with specific actions on efficient driving, mobility, noise and the carbon footprint. The project had the support of the Gijón City Council, The Asturian Government, IDAE - The Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving, and other entities such as Bus Gijón (EMTUSA), Environmental City Gijón (EMULSA), the city council's fleet of vehicles and ITVASA.

Ecomile was the first project where Cated Box technology was used to carry out a mobility study and create a school of efficient driving for the workers and students of the area known as the Knowledge Mile of Gijón. The results were very interesting with regard to mobility and efficiency, with an average fuel saving of 10%. Use this link to consult the report of the results.

Proveedor tecnológico Demostrador Climate Kic Valencia “Proyecto Ecodriving”

Proyecto Climate KIC: Valencia is participating with other council fleet services and citizens in the scope of Climate KIC demonstrator project “EcoDriving”, being ADN Mobile Solutions the technological provider.

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