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BLED | Cated Box partners program

Bled Cated Box

What is the partners program BLED | Cated Box?

BLED | Cated Box is the most advanced technology and service on the market to implement efficient and safe driving projects in large road transport companies. BLED | Cated Box is a technology and service 100% interoperable and modular, based on open source technologies and backed by scientific know-how and successful experiences in large projects. ADN already has partners with strong presence in markets such as Italian, Spanish and other European markets, and also Moroccan and Mexican ones. We look for partners for strategic areas such as North America and China.

Who can be a BLED | Cated Box partner?

Ideally they are companies that can cover a specific area or country, with experience in the implementation of on-board systems and services for large fleets of industrial vehicles.

Advantages of being a BLED | Cated Box Partner

The partner can seamlessly incorporate the service and technology BLED | Cated Box on its own on-board system, benefiting from having a service of high added value for the successful management of efficient and safe driving in target fleets. It is also possible to use the onboard system from ADN in those cases where the partner does not want to use an existing system. In the same way ADN can incorporate other differential value added services from the partner to offer them to its own clients.

In short, it is a win-win and fast time to market collaboration to reach new customers and markets with differentiated proposals.

Current BLED | Cated Box partners

Interested in being a BLED | Cated Box partner?

Please contact us at "Contact" section.

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