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BLED partners program


What is BLED?

BLED (Blended Learning for efficient driving) is an innovative methodology of continuous education in efficient and safe driving based on Cated Box technology.

Who can become a BLED partner?

We are selecting European companies and people with proven experience in efficient driving training for the implementation of our BLED service internationally.

  • Professional BLED partner: Experienced trainers in efficient and secure driving.
  • Enterprise BLED partner: Reference training companies in efficient and secure driving.

Advantages of becoming a BLED partner

  • Training in BLED methodology by ADN Mobile Solutions team.
  • Continuous access to assistance and reporting Cated Box tools for enabling BLED implementation.
  • Participation in international reference projects led by ADN Mobile Solutions.
  • Cooperation in reaching new mutual customers.

Current BLED partners

Interested in being a BLED partner?

Please contact us at dir@adnmobilesolutions.com

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