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BLED for health transport with HTGroup. In the coming weeks a new BLED pilot will start in part of the vehicle fleet of the leading health transport company HTGroup (Ambuibérica and Emeru) in Barcelona.


ADN starts in America with its new project together with LIPU, a transport operator in Mexico with more than half a century of experience in the sector. This operator currently has more than 1,000 buses in its fleet, which carry more than 100,000 people a day.


ATP Esercizio chooses ADN to increase efficiency. The Italian public transport company, which operates in dozens of cities around Genoa, chooses the BLED | Cated Box solution to reduce consumption in their fleet. With this new demonstration project, ADN continues its expansion throughout Europe.


EMT Valencia, new efficient driving demonstrator. EMT Valencia and ADN have deployed a new efficient driving project based on their BLED | Cated Box solution, which will pursue its optimal personalization for the EMT. This confirms their interest in fuel savings and improving the quality of service offered, already contrasted in the ongoing projects in other public bus operators nationally and internationally.


The awards ceremony of the league took place last Tuesday October 23 in Seville. The most efficient drivers of the Zurich-ADN league of June-July of this year were rewarded, which constitutes a pioneering gamification action at an international level using the Cated People drivers' app.


Excellent results in Seville and new projects. The months of May and June have had savings results in TUSSAM (Seville) over 8%. The Cated people app has given the necessary boost. These weeks have begun the installation of another 100 buses of TVAM-ALSA (metropolitan of Marrakech) and the project underway in TITSA Tenerife has achieved the first good results.


Efficiency and security results in Agadir and Seville. The operators (TUSSAM in Seville and ALSA National Express in Agadir) have concluded 2017 with good results in safety and consumption reduction, saving 5% of fuel and with a reduction of 21% in accidents with responsibility.


Cated People, the new app for professional drivers. ADN has launched the app "Cated People" starting with the drivers of ALSA Aviles and TUSSAM in Seville, and will progressively extend it to the rest of its customers. The reception has been very good, generating a great expectation around it.


ADN participates in the conference "Management of Efficient Driving in Industrial Vehicles" of AENOR. ADN explained through different market success cases how implements and fulfills the “Requirements and advantages of efficient and secure driving management systems for road transport operators".


ALSA Morocco (National Express) hires the BLED | Cated Box service for the city of Agadir. And it involves more than 200 buses, which expands the service already present in the city of Marrakech for more than a year.


ADN Mobile Solutions selected by the EU to boost safe and efficient driving internationally See more


Alsa and Tussam invest in efficient driving. See more


First fleet certified in ecodriving - AENOR EA 0050, by means of ADN Mobile Solutions service. See more


EMULSA Gijón, first environmental company that relies on efficient driving through public tender. See more


ALSA Morocco (National Express) achieves great results with the efficient driving system of ADN. See more


ADN Mobile Solutions chosen to manage efficient driving in Seville bus operator on a project of almost 400 buses and 1,200 drivers. See more


ADN Mobile Solutions leads the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions in road public transport. Television of the Principality of Asturias. See more


Real time measurement of different environmental pollutants at street level by means of urban buses. Spanish Public Directorate General of Transit. See more


ADN Mobile Solutions will install the efficient driving system in hybrid vehicles of the Urban bus transport of Santander city (Spain). See more


Efficient driving program of EMT Tarragona shows excellent results in the month of June. See more


EMT Valencia test a technology to control the levels of urban pollution. See more


Publication of AENOR standard EA 0050:2015 “Efficient driving management system for professional fleets”, promoted by ADN Mobile Solutions with the participation of IDAE (Spanish Energy Agency), FCC, ALSA and ATUC (Spanish Association of Urban Public Transport Operators), among others. View standard


ALSA Morocco chooses ADN Mobile Solutions for the efficient driving project of the whole Marrakech city fleet.


ADN Mobile Solutions wins the public bid for the deployment of the efficient driving service for whole bus fleet of Huelva city. Huelva has been the first Spanish public urban bus operator that has announced a bidding process for this kind of service. See more


Tarragona urban bus, customer of ADN Mobile Solutions BLED service for efficient driving, deploys UrVAMM, the optional pollutant monitoring platform also promoted by ADN Mobile Solutions together with Ingenieros Asesores. See more


Valencia city is participating with other council fleet services and citizens in the scope of Climate KIC demonstrator project “EcoDriving”, being ADN Mobile Solutions the technological provider. See more

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