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Global solution for sustainable and safe road transport

ADN Mobile Solutions is currently in the international expansion phase. For this purpose, it has the support of the SME Instrument program, as well as strategic alliances with the BLED | Cated Box business partners for the expansion and replication of business in target markets. Asturias reflejo de europa

ADN operations are currently being carried out in selected strategic cities and companies in Spain, Europe and North Africa, with the support of a network of independent international agents.

The current expansion plans are focused on Latin America, Asia and Europe as growing regions and very receptive to sustainable and safe transportation. ADN has a value chain that allows it to easily incorporate new partners that give access to the target markets in order to quickly replicate the currently successful model in European and Moroccan reference cities.

ADN Mobile Solutions es una empresa innovadora de base tecnológica
ADN Mobile Solutions comprometida con la calidad