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Innovative services and platform for sustainable transport based on ecodriving techniques

European Commission has selected BLED | Cated Box project for its scalability and internationalization through SME Instrument Phase I funding scheme under Horizon 2020 Programme.
The study carried out has demonstrated the feasibility of commercialization at international level of the ADN solution for efficient driving in professional fleets (operating road transport), currently catalogued as a TRL7 technology.

The conclusions and final results of the study state that:

ADN solution matches the needs of the market, especially those of fleet operators more concerned about Social Corporate Responsibility, quality and determinedly focused on reducing operating costs.

  • The approach of other market products and existing solutions are far from satisfying these needs.
  • ADN will be able to provide a TRL9 product satisfying market needs.
  • ADN organization is prepared to scale up the commercialization with a feasible plan to cope with the demand and reach the international market.
  • ADN has established some key alliances to encourage market replication and accelerate the commercialization process.
  • Efficient driving advantages will become a global concern, where market products and solutions will cope with the demand in benefit of the society as a whole.
  • Efficient driving implementation will save large amounts of fuel and avoid tons of emissions of pollutant gases.

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