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BLED | Cated Box

A unique service to increase efficiency and safety in large road transport companies

Bled Cated Box

For companies whose activity is based on the operation of vehicle fleets and the optimization of resources, improving the service principally revolves around a better performance of the company’s main productive resource, which is none other than the driver of said vehicles.

Advanced and open source modular Technology

Unique services for HR and Operation areas

Seamless integration with existing AVM

Guaranteed KPIs

Proven references and alliances

100% open source platform based on standards, cloud services and method services and methodologies (called BLED -Blended Learning For Efficient Driving) perfectly aligned to the current needs of the passenger road transport companies.

Backed by top journals and IPR.

SaaS analytics services and methodology for continuous training, traffic regulation (anti bunching), driving personalized recommendations, gamification and tools for HR and Operation (drivers & middle managers).

100% modular platform.

Fair, reliable context-aware indicators.

Optional On Board Unit (OBU). Possible to take advantage of integrating with existing OBU/AVM to cut down costs, reusing infrastructure and obtaining new value-added indicators on operation & security/efficiency.

Ask us the reference AVM partners.

Fuel or battery savings: 6-10%. ROI >200 first year. Drivers and passengers satisfaction >8 over 10.

Accidents reduction: over 15%.

Frequency and punctuality improvement.

Unions and drivers compromise.

Unique service with successful references involving more than 4000 drivers in different cities and areas across Europe, America and Africa. Value added alliances across Europe, Africa, America and China through entities and system integrators.

Consult the web page section for references.

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