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About us

Who are we and what do we do in a few words

The mission of ADN Mobile Solutions is the creation of new products and services based on technologies, systems and platforms, HW and SW oriented to the monitoring and interconnectivity of systems, pursuing the ubiquity of services through the Internet of Things (IoT) and the intelligent analysis of the gathered information, all focused on the improvement of efficiency and security in road transport. Esquema del área de acción de ADN Mobile Solutions

Main milestones

Main milestones

Personnel and trajectory

The founding team and board of directors of ADN Mobile Solutions are made up of doctors, engineers and managers with ample experience in company development and in the sector of information and communications technologies. The company is specialized in the IoT paradigm applied to efficient/safe driving and associated services for large fleets of road transport.

ADN Mobile Solutions has developed a technological platform and services based on standards and open technologies, that have allowed the company to obtain a leading and distinguishing position in solutions for the management of efficient and safe driving of professional fleets.

The collaboration from its beginnings with experts in business development and in the field of efficient and safe driving has led to a careful development of the value chain, as recognized by the market, internationally and nationally, in both the public and private sectors. To date ADN Mobile Solutions has received several rounds of financing and at present has the support of private investors and a venture capital fund.

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ADN Mobile Solutions es una empresa innovadora de base tecnológica
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