BLED Success Case

See the success story of our BLED service in TUSSAM (Urban Transport of Seville). They are happy with BLED, do you want a free demo for your company?

Fuel savings up to 10%

ROI >200% 1st year

Drivers & customer satisfaction 8/10

Accident reduction >15%

Integration under ITxPT recommendations

Access to more information & request free demo

Reply in less than 48h

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How does Bled work?

Seemless operation with fleet management on-board hardware (Optionally: dedicated hardware as option).

Data on driving conditions (route, traffic load, weather, etc.) retrieved.

Data normalised by central system (comparable conditions identified).

Drivers’ performances compared only where comparable conditions exist (fair assessment).

Measures implemented based on fair assessment: Real-time performance information for drivers, collective and individual trainings, higher driver motivation


"We have managed to save with respect to the base year, up to 8% of fuel in our fleet operating at AGADIR and more than 7% in the one operating the urban area of Marrakech".
Alberto Pérez
Managing Director ALSA Morocco
"The number of accidents in which TUSSAM drivers are responsible has fallen by 11% in one year".
Ángel Blanco
Operations Manager TUSSAM ( Seville Bus Operator)
"We have reduced the consumption of diesel near the 9% in the last year. This translates into a saving of 40,171 litres of diesel. In addition, CTEA has reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 99.26 tons".
Miguel Ángel Alonso
General Manager of Maintenance Division ALSA (CTEA in Spain)

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