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ADN Mobile Solutions selected by the EU to boost safe and efficient driving internationally

Madrid, 3rd April 2017 - ADN Mobile Solutions will be investing more than 1.5M Euros over two years – a sum largely provided by the SME Instrument programme, within the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework.

The technological solution Cated Box BLED™ is the service enabler of a management system for safe and efficient driving in passenger and cargo transport fleets.

We are selecting European companies and people with proven experience in efficient driving training for the implementation of our Cated Box | BLED service internationally. View


Efficiency and security results in Agadir and Seville

January 9, 2018

The operators (TUSSAM in Seville and ALSA National Express in Agadir) have concluded 2017 with good results in safety and consumption reduction, achieving savings of around 5% and an accident reduction of more than 12%.

Cated People, the new app for professional drivers

December 19, 2017

ADN has launched the app "Cated People" starting with the drivers of ALSA Aviles and TUSSAM in Seville, and will progressively extend it to the rest of its customers. The reception has been very good, generating a great expectation around it.

ADN participates in the conference "Management of Efficient Driving in Industrial Vehicles" of AENOR

October 9, 2017

ADN explained through different market success cases how implements and fulfills the “Requirements and advantages of efficient and secure driving management systems for road transport operators".

ALSA Morocco (National Express) hires the BLED | Cated Box service for the city of Agadir

July 12, 2017

And it involves more than 200 buses, which expands the service already present in the city of Marrakech for more than a year.

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