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Cated Box | BLED

A unique service to increase efficiency and safety in large passenger transport companies

Bled Cated Box

For companies whose activity is based on the operation of vehicle fleets and the optimization of resources, improving the service principally revolves around a better performance of the company’s main productive resource, which is none other than the driver of said vehicles.

Create the business culture of excellent driving

Work with proven information

Increase the comfort, safety and quality perceived by your clients

CatedBox | BLED implants a system of management whose main focus is on the continuous improvement of the qualification and task of the drivers, involving in addition all the areas under the commitment of the management.

The BI Cated Box | BLED motor is the most advanced on the market and it provides reliable and contextual reports which permit integral monitoring of the evolution of driving efficiency based on parameters and indicators which can be applied to all areas. Our indicators are perceived positively by the drivers as they incorporate contextual information of the service conditions for a fair evaluation.

The improvement of efficient driving implies greater comfort and safety of service for the passengers and less stress for the driver. Identify when and where dangerous driving behaviour occurs, applying measures of prevention.

Reduce emissions and fuel expenditure without penalizing service

Motivate your drivers for the benefit of the company

Reduce maintenance costs

Thanks to the improvement in efficient driving, your expenditure on wear and tear maintenance will be reduced considerably. Specific services for the area of maintenance and repairs are also available.

Cated Box | BLED involves the drivers by giving them personalised recommendations on how to improve, supplying continuous performance reports and promoting objective and motivation programs. The goal is the improvement of the drivers’ performance maintained in the long term.

Reduce consumption and emissions by between 5% and 10%, by maintaining the service with average speeds.

Obtain profits aligned with quality

The advantages and benefits therefore of CatedBox | BLED are manifold: fuel saving, reduced carbon footprint, reduction of accidents, lower insurance and fleet maintenance costs. It also facilitates the implementation of the EA0050 AENOR certification, the ISO50001 and the fulfillment of energy audits such as those derived from the Directive 2012/27/EU.

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